Helping Communities Defend the Earth

Communities in Palawan are rallying against mining operations in Mt. Bulanjao to protect their ancestral lands and natural resources. Through petitions, public demonstrations, and legal actions, they are raising awareness and influencing policy changes to prevent environmental degradation.

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Monocrop plantations, drastically reduces biodiversity and disrupts ecosystem services. It leads to habitat loss, fragmentation, and increased vulnerability to pests and diseases, while also affecting local communities' livelihoods and cultural practices.

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Come Join Us in Saving Palawan's Forests

More than 20 years of mining in Southern Palawan has proved that a significant number of forests destroyed have not been rehabilitated, the farmlands inundated with nickel laterite have not been restored, and the threats to biodiversity, livelihood, and health have not been addressed.

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1. No to mining

Save Palawan Forests. Protect our ecosystem

2. no to coal

Keep Our Air & Land Clean

3. No to palm oil

Protect our natural forests, watersheds 

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Helping Communities Defend The Earth

The Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC), Inc. is an environmental non-government organization committed to helping communities uphold their constitutional right to a healthful and balanced ecology.