Our Campaigns for the Philippine Environment

One Palawan and Good Governance

Last Frontier of the Philippines

We need to strengthen municipalities and barangays, not divide Palawan.

Clean Energy and Climate Justice

No to Coal – Strong Community Opposition since 2013

Burning of Coal is one of the leading causes of smog, acid rain and toxic air pollution.

Ancestral Domain And Community-Based Resource Management

 Palawan is No Go Zone for Mining 

The Effects of Mining on Indigenous Peoples Life and Health 

In a press conference, Jeminda Bartolome, a farmer from Bgy. Sumbiling, Municipality of Bataraza, Palawan, gave an impassioned speech as she joined the Pala’wan Indigenous Peoples in describing the effects of mining operations on their health and way of life.

Environmental Law Enforcement

Illegal Logging – Causes, Effects, Solutions







Solutions: Forest Stewardship, Stricter and Enforced Regulations in Forest Management, Promoting Non-Timber Alternatives, Volunteerism

Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Justice

No to Monocrop Plantations – Illegal clearing of pristine forests

Many Palawan indigenous communities say they have suffered unfair land acquisition or lease arrangements for oil palm plantations

Women Empowerment and Inclusive Participation

Pala’wan Tribal Woman and Her Child

Women empowerment is key to sustainable and inclusive development