Save Palawan's Forests

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
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Let's Save Palawan's Forests

Our Forests, Our Future

Palawan's forests are under threat from mining and commercial development. These activities not only destroy our natural environment but also jeopardize the lives of the indigenous communities who depend on these forests for their livelihoods. 

To date, nickel mining companies have been permitted to conduct mineral exploration and development activities in seven municipalities across Southern Palawan. Government data indicates that these activities, including applications and issued mineral agreements, encompass over 10,000 hectares of natural old-growth and secondary forests.

We call on the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and local government units to enforce stricter regulations against illegal logging and mining activities in Palawan. Immediate action is needed to ensure that our forests remain a sanctuary for biodiversity and a source of life for future generations.

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What's at Stake?

Palawan is home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in the Philippines, with numerous species of flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world. The forests of Palawan also play a crucial role in climate regulation, water purification, and soil conservation.

Despite these benefits, Palawan's forests are being threatened by unsustainable practices. The loss of these forests would not only mean the loss of biodiversity but also the displacement of indigenous peoples who have lived in harmony with nature for centuries.

How You Can Help

  • Sign the petition to urge the DENR and local government to take immediate action.
  • Spread the word about the campaign on social media using the hashtag #SavePalawanForests.
  • Volunteer with local environmental organizations to support conservation efforts on the ground.

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Join us in protecting the unique biodiversity and cultural heritage of Palawan. Your voice matters in this fight for environmental justice.